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Tuesday Tech Tip: Search Google Drive from Chrome’s Omnibox

You can search your Google Drive files directly from Chrome’s Omnibox: Go into the “Edit

Tuesday Tech Tip: A Bug in Chrome 45 Causes WordPress Admin Menu to Break

Via  WP Tavern: Within the last five weeks, several people have reported an issue in

Tuesday Tech Tip: Drag & drop searching in Chrome

Got a word or two in a Web page that you want to search on.

Tuesday Tech Tip: The Great Suspender

Chrome users with tons of open tabs: The Great Suspender extension is for you! Automatically suspends unused

Tuesday Tech Tip: S+RightClick in Your Browser

Take a second to hold down the “S” key and right-click on any image on

Tuesday Tech Tip: Memento: Adding Time to the Web

Memento wants to make it as straightforward to access the Web of the past as

Tuesday Tech Tip: Browser address bar shortcut

From today forward, gone is the need to move your mouse to enter a URL

64-bit Chrome in the Pipeline

In a move that could — and maybe should — have happened years ago, Google

Tuesday Tech Tip: Chrome URLs

Some of you may be aware of some special Chrome URLs starting with chrome:// such as chrome://restart which restarts the browser. Well, there are literally dozens of these available. To see a full list enter chrome://chrome-urls.

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