Walter isaacson A photo of the author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life can be

Do you get the joke? There are only 10 types of people who understand binary.

Great subject line Posted yesterday to Webdesign-L:Re: [WD]: em vs. px , mac vs. pc,

SoBig.F I got home at 9pm this evening and started downloading my e-mail. 487 copies

Censors rejoyce Regarding the recent settlement in Minneapolis, has this to say in a

L. E. Modesitt, Jr. After more than six years I’ve finally run into L.E. Modesitt,

The robotic librarian La-D-Da has release an amusing little ditty titled The Robotic Librarian. The

Release date According to the publisher my next book, The Neal-Schuman Directory of Management Software

A bad precident The Minneapolis Public Library has settled (for aproximately $435,000) a case with

Eclectic tastes So today I bought both Kiss’ Symphony: Alive IV and Harry Conick, Jr.’s