Time travel spam Wired.com has the story behind the spam looking for a warp generator

GeoCaching Due to Annie having her right (it’s on the left when I’m looking at

And scanning… no, wait, i’m done! Except for a few odds-n-ends that may appear in

Calling it a night I’m done for the night. A total of 445 covers have

New find Although not a find a monumental proportions the book I just picked up

And scanning… 332 scans complete. All that’s left are the US Mass Markets, the old

Scanning, scanning, scanning I’ve completed 252 scans so far. All that there’s left to do

RSS article I checked my contract and it did allow for me to publish my

You can go blind doing that you know Well, three hours of looking at that

Status update Well, found a few new items today so I’ve got them into the