How Holding A Weekly Team Meeting Has Made My Job Easier by Heidi Zak

When my co-founder, Dave, and I heard from our executive coaches that we should start holding weekly update meetings, we were incredulous.

Up to that point, we’d been holding quarterly update meetings and the occasional monthly meeting. Just the thought of giving a presentation every week was overwhelming.

But our coaches assured us that it would eventually become second nature. They also gave us a crucial insight: The meeting isn’t for us-it’s for the team. Dave and I do sometimes present, but more often than not, another team member explains what their department is working on and how it affects the rest of the company.

They were right. It didn’t take long for us to settle into a rhythm with these meetings. And the benefits to our company-wide communication and collaboration have been enormous.

If you aren’t already holding a weekly team meeting, here’s why you need to consider starting.

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