7 Signs A Leader Can Be Trusted by Rob Asghar

Which leaders are likely to leave their organizations in a state of grace, and which ones are likely to leave them in a state of disgrace?
The signs aren’t always clear, and some leaders can fool their colleagues and followers for a while. But here are seven signs that a leader is worthy of trust for the long haul.

1. Other people below them on the org chart have nicer offices, homes or cars.

I once remarked to a top leader that I was struck by how plain his office was. He joked, “Hey, what’s wrong with my office?”

“Nothing,” I said. “I’m pleasantly surprised. So many leaders nowadays seem to work in mini-Taj Mahals. Yours is nothing like that.”

He said, “If there’s a better spot around here, with a nicer view, let the other people all enjoy that. I don’t need it to do my job.”

That attitude is too rare, for a reason. Many leaders work extraordinarily hard to reach the top. So by the time they get there, they’re intent on fully living out the dream — furnishing their office like it’s Versailles and negotiating with their boards for the most lavish perks possible. Leaders who do so aren’t necessarily un-trustworthy, but a leader who can show some restraint here is probably more trustworthy in placing key priorities above their own power or privilege.

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Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

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