5 Simple Ways to Lower Employee Stress at Work

Stress at work seems like a given — there’s a reason they call it “work” and not “an all expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas.” American workers, though, are far more stressed than they should be, and it’s affecting both their health and their job performance.

The Mayo Clinic has identified numerous health problems stemming from stress, including headaches, muscle tension, upset stomachs, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse and anger. Obviously, under those conditions it’s difficult to do quality work, which is why oftentimes an unfocused, irritable, unproductive workforce can be attributed to stress. While any workplace will have some inherent stress — not all of it from the job itself — there are many ways for employers to lower stress among their employees. Here are five good places to start.

1. Clearly Define Workplace Roles

2. Bring In Well-Trained Managers

3. Institute Zero-Tolerance Policies

4. Enforce Vacation Time

5. Set Schedules

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