Self-Awareness and Growth

There is, however, much confusion between self-awareness and self-absorption. The difference between the two is clear to most people, but many folks who proclaim that they are very “self-aware” actually mean to say they are very “self-absorbed.” You want to be self-aware since that will help you be a better person and more successful. You do not want to be self-centered because no one likes that.

So what is the difference? Self-awareness refers to a deep understanding of your wants, needs, thoughts, actions, interests, abilities, values and how all that information is processed and then applied externally. For example, if you are arguing with a friend, you leverage your self-awareness to know when you are losing your ability to control yourself and you stop, take a step back, and gather your thoughts.

Self-absorption is when you take self-awareness, kick it into hyperdrive, and only ever think about yourself, your thoughts, needs, wants, etc.

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