How to pronounce .gif: The arguments and the rebuttals

Is it pronounced GIF (hard G) or JIF (soft G)? Let’s look at the standard arguments on both sides followed by the standard rebuttals.

Argument #1:
GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Graphics has a hard G, so GIF must have a hard G.

Rebuttal #1:
The U in SCUBA stands for “underwater.” By this logic SCUBA should be pronounced scuhba.

Argument #2:
The G is followed by a vowel, therefore it’s a soft G like in genius, gin, and giraffe.

Rebuttal #2:
I present you with “geek.” Also, it’s an acronym, not a word. See argument #1.

Argument #3:
It’s not peanut butter.

Rebuttal #3:
No, it’s not. Also the peanut butter is Jiff, not jif. Also, so what?

Argument #4:
Steve Wilhite created the Graphics Interchange Format. He did so and named the file format while working at Compuserv in 1987. According to him “It’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.” and he has “argued for the soft-G pronunciation for years.”

Rebuttal #4a:
He’s wrong.

Rebuttal #4b:
That’s just stupid

Here’s the evidence. You decide.

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