Tuesday Tech Tip: Seeing Full URLs in Safari

Here’s one for the Mac folks.

YosemiteSafariNormalLast [October] saw the release of Apple’s newest version of OS X, Yosemite. It has a refreshed visual design, several cool new feature–including, at long last, the ability to share documents, photos, and links between iOS devices and OS X devices via AirDrop. And I’m sure we’ll cover many of these in due course.

Today I want to talk about one of the most aggravating features: In Safari, the combined address/search bar no longer displays the full URL of webpages. Instead, it just shows the domain name. In the following screenshot, since I’m clearly editing a blog post, I should see a URL that locates me in the WordPress directories of the Chronicle. Instead, it just tells me the top-level domain.

This is annoying! (At least for me. I’m old, though.)

Here’s how to fix it.

Read the full instructions @ The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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