Tuesday Tech Tip: Sorting Lists in Word

Word logoLet’s say you’ve got a bulleted or numbered list in Word (confirmed in 2010 & 2013, not tested in earlier versions) and the items are currently in this order:

  • Straub
  • King
  • Koontz
  • Lee
  • Ketchum

Later you decide that you’d like to have them in a different order and if that order isn’t alphabetical (which is available via a button in the ribbon,) you’re probably going to use copy/paste. Here’s a better way.

Put your cursor on the item you’d like to move (you don’t even have to highlight it,) and use SHIFT-ALT-UP/DOWN ARROWS to move the item up or down in the list.

Copy and past my example list into Word and alphabetize this list to give it a try.

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