Owen King’s Double Feature Autograph

Short story: A few weeks ago the wife and I were invited to the opening reception for the Omaha Book Festival. Unfortunately, we weren’t going to be able to attend any of the events held the next day. One of the featured authors was Owen King. I also had it on good authority that his wife, and fellow author, Kelly Brafett, would be there with him. So, I brought along my copies of Double Feature and Save Yourself respectively to see if I could get an autograph or two. However, it was not until I’d arrived that I realized/remembered that I had purchased, and therefore brought with me, a pre-signed copy of Mr. King’s book. There ended up not being a signing at the reception so I was able to leave my books with a colleague from the Omaha Public Library who said she’d tray and get my books signed for me at the next day’s events. So yes, I’d left an already autographed book with a friend to have autographed. Mr. King took it tottally in stride and you can see the results below. (Along with Ms. Braffet’s autograph in her book.)

Owen King autographs   Kelly Braffet autograph

Mr. King, you are a class act!

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