Behind Flickr’s New Pricing: Yahoo Really Wants To Show More Ads

Flickr_logo_thumb.pngAs a Flickr Pro user it’s the last paragraph that I’ve quoted that’s got me on edge…

Starting [yesterday], Flickr is offering Free and Ad-Free accounts. The ad-free account is now $50 per year (double the old Pro price), and the only benefit it offers is the ad-free experience. All other benefits of paying to use Flickr are gone. (There’s also a “Doublr” account level that offers two terabytes of storage, not one.)

By doubling the price of the paid account and killing all the benefits except not seeing ads, Yahoo is practically begging Flickr users not to have paid accounts.

The only logic behind that seems to be that Yahoo really wants to be able to show more ads to Flickr users.

…Flickr’s help page says that existing Pro users will still be able to renew their Pro account in the future. There’s no price point for that. If it’s at the same price that Pro accounts have been (about $25), it means Pro users will be able to enjoy an ad-free Flickr for about half the price of new “Ad Free” account holders.

Read the full article @ Marketing Land.

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