Tuesday Tech Tip: CopyPasteCharacters

CopyPasteCharacterFor years I’ve been using the charmap program in windows whenever I needed to use a character that isn’t on the keyboard. (Examples: ¶ £ ©) But recently I found what will probably be a better way in most situations. Head on over to http://copypastecharacter.com/ and you’ll be presented with a screen full of non-keyboard characters. To copy one, just click on it, then paste it into your document. You can view different sets of characters by clicking on “Our favorite set ▼” in the top-center of the page and selecting a different set. You can also adjust the size the characters are displayed on the Web page by using the slider in the lower-right corner. Lastly, you can create a free account and create your own custom sets of characters you use on a regular basis.

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