Ubuntu on a MacBook update

Ubuntu on a MacBookI’ve been running Ubuntu on an old MacBook for two weeks now and so far it’s working great. Here’s just a few notes on what I’ve discovered.

  • Yes, you can clean a white MacBook using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. It won’t repair scratches but this case is mostly white again. (And I just used it dry instead of wet.)
  • Thanks to Jamie LaRue for pointing out the LXDE environment. It runs much faster than Unity.
  • So, how do you right-click on a trackpad without a right button? Tap with two fingers.
  • How do I scroll on said trackpad? Slide up/down with two fingers. (This looks to be a feature of LXDE as it doesn’t work in Unity.)
  • The one complaint I have is the limited keyboard. You need to hold the fn key to get the function keys to work as function keys. Also, there’s a delete button which acts, mostly, as a backspace key but not when I want it to; to back up a page in the bowser for example.

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