30 posts in 30 days #6: The library as office – Suggestions for patrons.

Over on Gigaom there’s a great post titled “Using Starbucks As Your Office? Here Are Some Tips”. As someone who’s done a great deal of writing at a Starbucks or two, I could relate to most of the suggestions. Some of the better suggestions are:

  • Learn the names of most of the baristas and also take time to have a conversation with them. It helps build a human connection.
  • Make the baristas involved in your venture – share your news and make them feel part of your struggle.
  • Don’t spread out your stuff and take up too much space at the store.
  • Make sure you buy coffee or something at least three times a day.
  • Tip generously – up to $10 a day will ensure that folks at the store don’t view you as a freeloader and a pest.

So, this got me wondering, oh libraries in libraries where the public actually hang out, what advice would you give these sorts of patrons? Obviously tipping is out. I’ll assume that not taking up too much space would be a good one. But how about making you “involved in the venture”? What else would you add to this list?

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  1. Authors & researchers who use archives, etc. will engage with staff. Historians will sometimes note significant assistance they received at a library or archive. The nearest thing in small public libraries’ experience might be genealogy enthusiasts.
    Last week our library was “temporary office” for a cross-country runner who is raising awareness & research funds for Multiple Sclerosis. She runs mornings & evenings & tries to find libraries with wireless internet during the middle of the day which allows her to keep up her web presence and schedule.
    But none of that web presence notes such use of public libraries. People who use libraries tend to take them for granted.
    So I would add the to list “if you use a public library, give it a kindly mention.”

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