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30 Posts in 30 Days #29: Making books “more social”

One of the many “benefits” of eBooks I heard about is that eBooks will make

30 Posts in 30 Days #28: A breakthrough?

During my TechTalk webinar yesterday I mentioned, yet again, the need for good passwords. In

30 Posts in 30 Days #27: A Day in the Life

Here’s my post for the Library Day in the Life project. 6:30am Alarm goes off and

30 Posts in 30 Days #26: Socially Protected Content

On my way home yesterday afternoon I was listening to episode #176 of the Beyond

30 Posts in 30 Days #25: The Lost Sales Theory

There are many problems I have with the state of copyright today. One of the

30 Posts in 30 Days #24: Books as art

On the off chance you weren’t already aware of this, I’m a book lover. So

30 Posts in 30 Days #23: On Twitter and following

As I write this I have 1501 Twitter followers and 567 people I follow. My

30 Posts in 30 Days: You with the large attachment! Put it down slowly and step away!

Ok, new rule: If the file you’re thinking of sending me is larger than 100k,

30 Posts in 30 Days #21: RSS in Outlook Screencast

We’re starting a new push our RSS feeds at the Commission and one of our

30 Posts in 30 Days #20: Smaller publishers trying out ‘free’

I buy a lot of books from small horror and science fiction publishers. One of