The most beautiful book in my collection

I own a lot a limited edition books. I have one bound in tye-dyed denim, another bound in lizard skin, and one who’s cover features highly polished aluminum so much so that is cam with white gloves lest you leave a fingerprint on it.

However, recently I discovered Centipede Press and I must say that their books are truly works of art despite not using any particularly unique materials. My first title from them was Slob by Rex Miller with an introduction by Ray Garton. To say that this title is hand crafted and well bound would be an understatement.

Bu then I got a package in the mail yesterday. This box contained the Don Brautigam Artist Portfolio published by Centipede Press. Here’s the official description:

This large, 10 × 14 collection covers the entire artistic career of Don Brautigam. Well-known and widely acknowledged for having revolutionized paperback cover art back in the 1970s, Don passed away earlier this year. But his legacy lives on in this beautiful, oversized edition. This volume includes all of his Stephen King and Dean Koontz covers, including Night Shift, The Stand, The Running Man, Dragon Tears, Strangers, and a lot more. The first 30 copies are signed by Don Brautigam and Dean Koontz. Bound in cloth with a printed front panel, and enclosed in a cloth slipcase.

My photos don’t do it justice (for example. each print is on very glossy paper) but I’m at a complete loss for words beyond what you just read. Regardless, here they are and I can’t say to the publisher just how proud I am to own one of these beautiful books.

Don Brautigam Artist Portfolio Don Brautigam Artist Portfolio (1)\ Don Brautigam Artist Portfolio (2) Don Brautigam Artist Portfolio (4) Don Brautigam Artist Portfolio (5)

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  1. Don painted the book cover for my book Julian Solo, and I have always regretted that I didn’t know enough at the time (it was my first book) to ask if I could buy the artwork. It is so beautiful. And he perfectly captured the essence of my story line. What talent! He died way, way too soon.

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