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The origins of science fiction

From Girls Who Love Boys Who Love Boys by Lucy Neville Photo: Flickr

Getting more $$ from your Book Sale -or- Is this Old Book valuable?

Thanks to everyone who attended our presentation yesterday at the NLA conference. I’ve sent the

Home library

For the past two weeks I’ve been setting up my home library. Not all the shelving is done at this point, but folks have been wanting more photos so here you go.

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Backlash Against Mockingbird Sequel as Concerns for Author’s Status Come Out

The reading world was riveted earlier this week by reports that a long-awaited second volume

What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2015?

Under the law that existed until 1978 . . . Works from 1958 The films Attack of

This is NOT a “brand new” book

I’m getting really cranky at third-party sellers on Amazon. I’ve learned to expect that many people selling these books are not booksellers and they’ll tend to over-grade their books. So, I try to be careful when I do purchase from third-parties. In this case I chose a seller that’s said (or at least implied by […]

Parents Who Own Bookshelves Raise Kids Who Do Better in School

Over on Core77, Rain Noe discusses a sweeping international study by a team of Stanford

On Pulps, Paperbacks, Stephen King & Hard Case Crime

Boing Boing is currently featuring a special essay by Charles Ardai, the publisher of Hard Case Crime. It’s wonderful read and a love letter to the world of paperbacks and publishing. Originally, we were only going to publish Joyland in paperback. Steve grew up buying paperbacks for fifty cents from the wire spinner racks at his local […]

UNK’s bad storm damage brings out good in people

The phone call came at 3:30 a.m. with the shocking news: The storm blew the roof