Thing #12: A Thing about LibraryThing

Tim Spalding and his Mac

I love LibraryThing. I’ve got more than 4100 books listed in my account. Granted, I’m a book collector so I already had a database of my collection so I just exported the ISBNs from that database and imported them into LibraryThing. That doesn’t mean that I’ve tagged every book, or that my whole collection is in there (that original import didn’t include any non-fiction) but it’s still a big help. Now I can access my collection on my cell phone to answer that age-old question: Do I already own this?

And, did you know that if you’ve published a book or two and someone has cataloged your titles in LibraryThing you can get your own LT Author page?

Besides Tim’s a great guy and I’ve met his rhino.

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