6 Replies to “John McCain kicks librarian out of town hall event”

  1. So sad. Our rights to protest, take photos, speak out… all appear to be dwindling.

  2. And this has never happened at an Obama event?
    Nothing is staged there, right?

  3. Annon,
    Do you have video evidence of someone being kicked out of an Obama event. If so, please supply it. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, just that I’ve not seen any.

    As for something being “staged”, are you suggesting that the librarian being kicked out was staged or something else?

    To that, if it was a librarian being kicked out of any event for a sign she was holding I would have blogged about it considering its relevance to my profession. I may be an Obama supporter but I don’t support anything like this regardless of party affiliation. This is not a partisan issue nor do I appreciate you trying to turn it into one.

  4. So your title does not make it a partisan issue?
    I did not see John McCain in the video at all.

  5. Annon,

    Thanks for the link. I was unaware of that story and think it was no more right than this story.

    As for the blog post’s title, it’s the title of the video I was presenting and I typically (but not always) use the title that the original video used. In other words the title isn’t mine.

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