Reference 2.0 Presentation Follow-up

In my Reference 2.0 presentation yesterday I was pushing as a great way for librarians to organize their reference resources (bookmarks) and twice the idea of using a wiki (in addition or instead came up). I said I’d think about it and I have a bit and here’s my follow-up.

For the time being I’m still going to stick with as a better way to organize reference resources over wikis. This is not to say that wikis might not have a place at the reference desk for internal communication among reference staff (as I believe Rapid City Public Library is doing) but offers a more structured tag-based approach, and allows users to participate (subscribe to feeds, send links to the library) without allowing them to directly manipulate the library’s resource list. (My fear would be of a member of the public adding resources to the library’s list that the library felt were inappropriate and/or not up to the library’s reliability standards. Submitting a link the the library via allows for an approval process which I think is needed.)

So, there’s my thoughts on that issue. Comments, as always, are welcome.

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