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tagCould.com is a new service that allows you to create exactly that, a tag cloud, from a single or combination of multiple RSS feeds. The generated tag cloud links back to the applicable posts and embeddable in your blog. So, thinking that I’d like a tag cloud on my blog I figured I’d try it out.

I signed up for my free account and entered the URL for my blog’s feed. Within seconds I had the following result:

tagCloud 01

I was able to modify the results by picking the number of tags I wanted displayed. (Between 1 and 250.) All of this seemed to work as advertised but you may notice that I’ve not embedded it in the blog. That’s because I clicked on several of the tags and received some odd results. Here’s the result for “librarians” a word I user regularly in my blog.

tagCloud 02
(Click on the image if you need a larger version.)

The problem is that the most recent “result” that I can link to is from 134 days ago! I was unable to find a link to any post more recently than 130 days ago. Something’s wrong here. I’ve read what instructions there are and I can’t seem to fix the problem.

Has anyone else had any luck with this service? Is it me? Is it the system? If someone can show me how to make it work and cover recent posts, I’ll probably use it.

via RSS4Lib

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3 Replies to “Tag Cloud Your Blog (Feed)”

  1. you’ve gotten further than I have, Michael — I can’t even get it to read my feeds!

    Maybe this is what they mean by “beta” 😉

  2. I had it on Catalogablog for quite some time. Then I noticed that the tags displayed were not changing. I checked some of the links and found all of them over 100 days old, so I removed it.

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