Should librarians take control of library filtering?

Here’s an intersting idea from Sharon M. Partridge of Lakewood County (CO) Public Library:

“I’ve had an idea and I’d like some feedback. Now that the Supreme Court has decided that filtering is not a first amendment issue, ALA needs to rethink its position. Not that we should encourage filtering but that we should face the reality that there will be libraries that will HAVE to filter. My idea is to suggest that ALA create its own filter software. I know if I had to filter, I’d have much more confidence in an ALA gatekeeper. I can’t imagine that they would add websites with unpopular political or religious views. Also, they might be more likely to publish a list of the sites that are filtered rather than using the secretive methods of most of the filtering companies. If they charged the same rates, they’d have enough money to maintain and update the filter. I imagine they could raise some money to cover some of the start-up costs. I’d be willing to donate even though my library doesn’t filter. Who knows that the state legislature
might do next?”

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