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Reference 2008: It’s not just about having a big dictionary any more

Click to Play   Presented at PALS Day, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois, 7 May

Blogging app test post

Testing a new blogging app on the iPod. Thanks for ignoring this post.

‘Slacker Uprising’ Now Belongs to You (Down/Load, Rise/Up!)

From: Michael Moore [mailto:maillist@michaelmoore.com] Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 11:27 PM To: msauers Subject: ‘Slacker

Check-in: Your bags and your rights

A message from Michael Sauers msauers@travelinlibrarian.info. If you travel outside the United States this summer,

Nancy sushes a Krillitane

Nancy sushes a Krillitane (1)Originally uploaded by Travelin’ Librarian Just showing off the Blog This

ICIW2008: Using Markov Models to Crack Passwords

Reiner van Heerden , CSIR Pretoria, South Africa passwords are part of everyday life password model

ICIW2008: Opening Keynote

Persistence, Ambiance, and New Maps Brian Lopez, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories (Led security for Utah winter

Oregon: our laws are copyrighted and you can’t publish them

According to Boing Boing "The State of Oregon is sending out cease and desist letters

Thing #18: ZOHO Writer

I had an account and I didn’t even remember that I did. Good thing that

I’ve been offered the job of a lifetime!

Check out the details here. (Sorry, I’m just to excited to blog details at this point.)