Religion meets the Nigerian scam

Here’s one I just received. I’m not sure if they’re asking for money or not. If they are, they’ve forgotten to tell me where not to send it.

Dearly Beloved,
Calvary greetings to you and your family.
I am delighted bringing to your fore knowledge the PRISON GOSPEL MISSION. May God bless you richly as you go through this message. This ministry was founded 1995 and to the glory of God it has being growing exceedingly well to the fulfilment of its objectives. Presently, we have FOUR branches in the four zones of Nigeria. The objectives on which this ministry was founded is to preach salvation through Christ to the prisoners (Inmates) because bulk of them serving jail terms and some that are already condemned still do not know that there is life eternal after death. Hence, we preach salvation through Christ to them that it is better to be saved eternally than temporarily and that there is still room for repentance and also letting them know that there is great joy in Heaven over the repentance of one sinner. In the course of our evangelism,we try to re- orientate them against ill perception of societal living which has been yielding tremendous dividends as some of them become devoted Christians and Evangelists of the word of God. Also, we try to meet their basic needs like, water, feeding, clothing, medical care, e.t.c. Which is totally absent in all the highly deplorable Nigerian prisons. We as well try to set up small scale businesses for some of them that their financial background are in a serious pity after serving their jail term. All these assistance to the Prisoners coupled with travelling, lodging and other financial involvement of our missionaries in this task and our hope to expand to the entire sub-saharan Africa that we sought for your financial assistance of any magnitude to help our extremely limited fund from well meaning people like you/your organisation. Remember, that as you are happily living a freer life some other persons are languishing in prisons without food, water, clothings,medical care,e.t.c.
Register your assistance now and I know God will bless you richly.If the LORD touches your heart towards been of assistance in this great project contact any of the underlisted men of God.
Yours in the Lord, Pastor Felix Ozaveshe S.
Pastor Sanni David. Founder.
Coordinator S/West.
Nigeria.West Africa.
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