Friday Reads: The Brood (Midnight Movie Monographs) by Stephen R. Bissette

“The breadth of topics that Steve covers in this book is breathtaking. The number of threads that he finds woven into the intricate tapestry of this single 90 min film is dizzying, and he picks at them all. This book breaks new ground for Electric Dreamhouse, and at an entirely new length—six times longer than a standard monograph volume!”
—Neil Snowdon

 By 1979 David Cronenberg was already being hailed as a uniquely disturbing film maker.

With SHIVERS (1975) and RABID (1977), he displayed an emergent talent for intelligent but confrontational cinematic ideas and imagery, unlike anything that had come before. But it was a raw talent. A talent not quite in control of all the elements of film production.

THE BROOD (1979) was Cronenberg’s first masterpiece. Now fully in control of his artistic talents and the means of cinematic production, Cronenberg harnessed his considerable gifts to an intensely personal story, that nonetheless drew from related cultural and societal elements to create one of the most overwhelmingly emotional horror movies ever made. It is a film that goes to the heart of pain and trauma, and does not flinch. A film that does not shy away from the destructive aspects of our inner lives, how they damage those around us, and how they live on, infecting those we hold most dear.

Join Stephen R. Bissette as he takes a forensic and holistic approach to examining the many facets of this dark jewel of horror…

Source: PS Publishing

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