4 ways to maintain a sense of community while working from home by Jessica Peterson

Chances are, you’re reading this while working from home. Even if it isn’t your first time working from home, this is likely the longest you’ve worked from home. There is no shortage of tips on how to be more productive while working remotely. We’ve published a few guides ourselves in recent weeks. But even after you’ve set up your work space, established a routine, and figured out how to balance your day job and your new side gig as a home-school instructor, you might still find it all a bit … lonely.

The truth is, we spend a large chunk of our lives at work. And the socializing we do there is a big aspect of office life, making work more pleasant and productive.

Over the years, Google’s people analytics team has conducted extensive research on team dynamics and how they contribute to team effectiveness. When it comes to people working in distributed locations, they found the most effective teams were the ones that prioritized getting connected, being connected, and feeling connected.

So how do we hold onto that sense of community when we’re all working from home? There are plenty of resources and best practices for staying connected and productive when your team is working remotely. But we wanted to look at the softer side of things as well. After all, Google has a bit of a reputation for a connected culture and cool offices. Not surprisingly, teams across the company are trying to maintain that vibe even while working from home. Below are a few tips.

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Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

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