Friday Reads: Season of the Witch by Jean Marie Stine (writing as Hank Stine), Postscript by Harlan Ellison

She was the first woman he had ever been! An SF transgender classic! Chosen one of the “Thirty Most Important Science Fiction Novels of the 1960s,” Season of the Witch tells the story of Andre, a man who rapes and murders a woman in a post-apocalyptic future. A dangerously low population has resulted in an end to capital punishment. Instead of execution, Andre has his brain transplanted into his victim’s body, while his own body is given to an aging, brilliant scientist. Andre’s search for his original male body takes him through a series of physically and spiritually disorienting sexual encounters to an unexpected denouement during an Agape ceremony in the temple of a strange, hedonistic cult. No wonder Foundation called the book, “A powerful tale of biological transformation and sexual identity.” Or, that 20th Century Science Fiction Writers hailed it as, “A special combination of science fiction and pornographic detail and rhetoric. The quality of the novel artistically justifies this radical strategy.” In 1995 the book was filmed as Synapse (U.K. as Memory Run), introducing its unique mix of transgender and science fiction to a whole new audience.

Source: Google books

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