How Buffer Protects Our Team When A Customer Is Abusive

How well does your library protect your staff from abusive patrons/members/customers? Here’s how Buffer does it.

The Teammate Protection Pledge

As a Bufferoo, you’ll get the privilege of building relationships with thousands of customers. Hopefully most of these will be enriching, positive experiences. Every once in a while, an interaction might take a negative turn. It could be that our product has led to intense frustration or that the customer is just having an off day. In rarer cases, things may turn abusive or threatening. If things do turn abusive, we never want a Buffer teammate to feel unsafe.

I’d love to share a new teammate protection pledge, aimed at giving you the confidence to end Buffer’s relationship with a customer when it’s clear that the wellness or safety of our team is at stake. If you encounter any of the following three elements, you are empowered to initiate a process to part ways with a customer:

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