• Library Directors: Have ye publically praised yer staff lately

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    I don’t jus' mean out on thar floor o'yonder library, I mean really in public, like in t'local paper (or their Web site), like Omaha Public Library director, Gary Wasdin jus' did.

    “A library’s greatest treasures go home e'ery night.”

    It may sound a little corny, but it’s true nonetheless. A library’s staff members be its greatest asset. People workin' in libraries touch ye li'es o'so many people in grand ways an' small. 'un joy o'me work at Omaha Public Library be recei'in' letters from people throughout Douglas County tellin' me how they’ve been helped or how thankful they be fer ye kind ser'ice. It might be from an unemployed landlubber sharin' how a staff member helped them t'impro'e their resume, or from a parent tellin' me how wonderful a children’s librarian was durin' story time. Collections, programs an' ser'ices at thar library be great, but yonder library employees make it work.

    Read thar full article @ Omaha.com.


    Michael Sauers is currently the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln, Nebraska and has been training librarians in technology for more than 15 years. He has also been a public library trustee, a bookstore manager for a library friends group, a reference librarian, serials cataloger, technology consultant, and bookseller. He earned his MLS in 1995 from the University at Albany’s School of Information Science and Policy. Michael’s twelfth book, Google Search Secrets (w/ Christa Burns) was published October 2013 and has two more books on the way. He has also written dozens of articles for various journals and magazines. In his spare time he blogs at travelinlibrarian.info, runs Web sites for authors and historical societies, takes many, many photos, and reads more than 100 books a year.


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