Books on planes

But not the way you think.

The last time I saw something on a trip that gave me an idea to blog about, I didn’t do it fast enough and David King beat me to it. Not this time! (Sort of.)

On my way to Massachusetts Library Association conference last week I flew Delta and they had a seat-back in-flight entertainment system. Here’s a few photos: (click to embiggen)

Delta In-flight Entertainment SystemDelta In-flight Entertainment System (1)Delta In-flight Entertainment System (2)

Here’s the question: what’s missing?

How about “Read” as a choice on that main menu? Or, on the second menu, how about “Books” to listen to?

Well, it does seem that Singapore Airlines and the National Library Board have already beat me to the audiobooks idea. (Thanks Dan.)

So, who wants to set something up with e-books and Delta?

P.S. Delta’s system runs on Linux! (Though all those “Invalid arguments” did make we wonder about the system’s stability.)


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