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    All Rights ReservedRegular readers should be well aware o'me feelin's on Copyright an' fair use here in thar US. But a combination o'factors lead me t'his post.

    Ye first was yonder Google Secrets presentation (video will be posted when a'ailable) I gave yesterday fer NNYLN. While talkin' about t'features o'Google image search I tossed out t'obligatory “jus' because ye can find it in Google images doesn’t mean it’s free t'use” line an' then mo'ed on.

    Thar second was this article from KTVN Reno: “Copyright lawsuits filed over pat-down photo” Here’s yonder rele'ant bit:

    T' Post published its TSA photograph on Nov. 18, an' it was distributed t'media outlets by Ye Associated Press. Ye picture was widely used t'illustrate ye debate surroundin' increased security measures at airports.

    In a notice t'readers published Nov. 14, t'Post said it would use all legal remedies t'address copyright infringement. MediaNews did not return messages seekin' comment about ye lawsuits.

    1[sic] o'those sued by Rightha'en be Brian Hill, 20, o'Mayodan, N.C. Hill said he found thar Post picture on Google Images an' posted it on his news an' politics website, not knowin' it was copyrighted. [emphasis added]

    Hill said an attorney from Rightha'en called him Feb. 10 an' said he could be liable fer up t'$150,000 in damages but could settle a lawsuit filed in Den'er on Jan. 27 fer $6,000.

    Hill, who said he recei'es Social Security disability payments, said he cannot afford that amount an' noted he had taken down ye photo from his website. Thar suit be pendin', an' he’d like t'represent himself in court in Den'er.

    "I was scared an' fearful, an' then I decided t'speak out on t'matter," Hill said. "We told them that we couldn’t afford it, an' we were goin' t'continue our court case."

    It’s probably a good thin' I didn’t read that article yesterday mornin' lest me presentation on search be derailed an' turn into a copyright talk.

    So, as a reminder, how can ye be sure t'photo ye’re reprintin' be ok t'reprint? Head on over t'Compfight an' limit yer searches t'Creati'e Commons: Only t'har right o'thar search box. Any results ye recei'ed will be CC-licensed content that ye’re free t'use within thar limits o't' particular CC license. In most cases, jus' remember t'give credit an' thar chances o'ye bein' sued be practically zero.


    Michael Sauers is currently the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln, Nebraska and has been training librarians in technology for more than 15 years. He has also been a public library trustee, a bookstore manager for a library friends group, a reference librarian, serials cataloger, technology consultant, and bookseller. He earned his MLS in 1995 from the University at Albany’s School of Information Science and Policy. Michael’s twelfth book, Google Search Secrets (w/ Christa Burns) was published October 2013 and has two more books on the way. He has also written dozens of articles for various journals and magazines. In his spare time he blogs at travelinlibrarian.info, runs Web sites for authors and historical societies, takes many, many photos, and reads more than 100 books a year.


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