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Minneapolis Central Library opens vinyl listening room to share collection

Right now, thousands of vinyl records are stored in the third floor of the Minneapolis

Love is Here to Stay

Tony Bennett & Diana Krall, red vinyl

The Voyager Golden Record

Back in 1977 we sent the two Voyager probes out into the universe. Contained within

New David Bowie album

A special thanks to my NLC colleague Scott for picking this up for me on

New Bowie Vinyl

My purchase  of “overpriced schlock from the mainstream record companies” they release on Record Store Day. And I’m happy about it!

Why Vinyl Is the Only Worthwhile Way to Own Music

Listening to music is still amazing today, it’s just that you’d be crazy to buy a CD. That’s not me saying that: That’s what the whole world is saying. CD sales have been declining every year for more than a decade because CDs are effectively useless in a world where digital music files are so […]