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Friday Video: Brian Brushwood: “Embrace Your Online Trolls”

Brian Brishwood (author, magician, fire-eater, host of Scam School, and Hacking the System on the

‘Publicly Shamed:’ Who Needs The Pillory When We’ve Got Twitter?

Writer Jon Ronson has spent a lot of time tracking people who have been shamed, raked over the coals on social media for mostly minor — but sometimes major — transgressions. And he writes about some of them in his new book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. Ronson tells NPR’s Steve Inskeep his anxiety level shot […]

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Reclaiming Our (Real) Lives From Social Media

Thoughts on backing off from social media by Nick Bilton. One day in the early 1920s,

Tech Talk: How to Manage Your Online Presence

Did you know that your online presence works for you 24/7? You’re “on” even if you aren’t online. The power of online presence is amazing: it can land you a job, promote your brand, or provide a channel to demonstrate one’s skills OR it can be an embarrassing reminder of what not to do. This […]

United Breaks Guitars by Dave Carroll #fridayreads

Just in case you forgot:

Social Media: Libraries Are Posting, but Is Anyone Listening?

Nancy Dowd takes on library use of social media: If there are over 1 billion people

Douglas Rushkoff on The Colbert Report

“Present Shock” author Douglas Rushkoff talks about the dot-com boom, Facebook “friends” and stock derivatives. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,Video Archive

Most Social Media Friendly State Libraries for 2013

Woot! The Nebraska Library Commission has been ranked 6th out of the 50 state libraries regarding their social media presence. Generally I take such lists with a grain of salt, and I can definitely say, this isn’t a competition, but I’m quite happy being in the top 10. Read the full report and see all the […]