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Need just the right color to indicate happiness? How about for that blog post about

Tuesday Tech Tip: Drag & drop searching in Chrome

Got a word or two in a Web page that you want to search on.

Tuesday Tech Tip: Find a Google Doodle

Need to find a previous Google Doodle or think you have a great one to contribute? Just head on over to the Doodles page where you’ll find a complete searchable and browseable archive, a history of Google Doodles, and a link to submit one of your own.  

Tuesday Tech Tip: Find links via Firefox

Many people know that CTRL-F allows you to keyword search a Web page is all browsers, but did you know that Firefox has a way to keyword just the links in a Web page? Instead of CTRL-F, type the apostrophe (‘) key and the Quick Find (links only) field will appear at the bottom of […]

Spy on the world’s web searches with a Google Trends screensaver

I’ve installed this as a screensaver on my laptop and it is interesting to watch

30 New partners join the Google Art Project

You do remember the Google Art Project, right? Today 30 new partners are joining the Google

Google Animated GIF Search

Google has added a new images type to their image search results. Just head on over to images.google.com and do a search. On the results screen click “search tools” then select “any type” and change it to “animated.” All of the results should then be animated GIFs. However, you won’t see the animation until you […]

An Interview for the Tech Set

Robin and I were recently interviewed by Tech Set editor Ellyssa Kroski regarding the recent