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Tuesday Tech Tip: Prepping your SD card for Raspberry Pi 2

For most people it takes just four steps to update your Raspberry Pi SD card

RaspberryPi: Creating an eBook server

So I’ve set up my RaspberryPi to actually do something other than sit there: I’ve

RaspberryPi: New accessories

I’ve been playing some more with my RaspberryPi and have since added a few more accessories: an HDMI-VGA adapter and a USB WiFi module. Both have worked flawlessly and needed no additional configuration at the OS level. Why did I add these? Basically since I have a speaking gig coming up in June during which […]

RaspberryPi – Take 2

The Fedora-based OS I installed was killing me. So, I did what I should have done in the first place and installed Raspbian instead. It’s Debian-based so I’m much more familiar with it and it’s so much faster than Fedora was. And, it sees my network! (Though it’s still not filling my TV’s screen…)

RaspberryPi up and running

Ultimately, it might become the house media server but for right now it’s just a fun toy to experiment with.  First lesson learned: the first time you boot it up the HDMI port doesn’t work. You need to connect to a monitor via the RCA jack and choose HDMI output post the first re-boot. Now […]