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Friday Video: On The Turing Completeness of PowerPoint

Published on Apr 1, 2017 Video highlighting [Tom Wildenhain’s] research on PowerPoint Turing Machines for

Friday Video: Ultron’s Master Plan

Don’t let this be you. Plan your presentation tech in advance.

Tuesday Tech Tip: Turn your PowerPoint into a Video

Did you know that PowerPoint 2013 can export your presentation to an .MP4 video file including narration and transitions? Just head on over to File|Export and select Create a Video.

Tuesday Tech Tip: View PowerPoints side-by-side

If you work on PowePoint presentations a lot, eventually you’ll need to look at two version of the same presentation at the same time to compare one version from another. To pull this off, open both presentations and then head to the View menu and click Arrange All.

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Dear NSA, let me take care of your slides.

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Tuesday Tech Tip: Screen blanking in PowerPoint

When you’re giving a presentation sometimes you want the audience to pay attention to you instead of your slides. In these cases remember these two keys: ‘b’ & ‘w’. The b key turns the screen black, while the w key turns the screen white. To return to the slides, just tap the relevant key again. […]

Five Ways to Not Suck at PowerPoint

YOU SUCK AT POWERPOINT! View more presentations from @JESSEDEE.