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Library Policies: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s Education Institute presentation. Here are the slides for your reference.

Odd WiFi Policy

This is a recent policy I had to “accept” in order to use a location’s public WiFi. My question is this: If I use CHI’s WiFi to connect to CHI’s Web site, are they no longer responsible for the content of their own site?  

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Toronto students question whether Wikipedia really is open to everyone

A recent dust-up between Wikipedia and Canada’s largest university raises questions about how collaborative the

Helping your patrons with their technology. What’s your policy?

One of our librarians here in Nebraska sent me the following e-mail asking for my

In-flight WiFi TOS

On one of the flights I took last weekend GoGo in-flight WiFi was available. I

FCC votes to punish Comcast for violating Net Neutrality

A reposted e-mail: Dear Michael,  The FCC just voted to punish Comcast for violating Net Neutrality Join

Further proof that filters don’t work

Last week I was at the offices of Lincoln Public Schools to present on LibraryThing.

Of Media Equity & Library Reciprocity

I do believe that this is the first blog post I’ve ever written on request.

Who are we to decide

Continuing the theme of my last post, here’s a college library in the UK in

Teaching road safety by banning roads

Another topic I’ve been on the record with is my feeling that banning a technology