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Backlash Against Mockingbird Sequel as Concerns for Author’s Status Come Out

The reading world was riveted earlier this week by reports that a long-awaited second volume

Friday Video: Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden

Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig interviewed Edward Snowden at Harvard Law School on Oct. 20.

Tech Talk: How to Manage Your Online Presence

Did you know that your online presence works for you 24/7? You’re “on” even if you aren’t online. The power of online presence is amazing: it can land you a job, promote your brand, or provide a channel to demonstrate one’s skills OR it can be an embarrassing reminder of what not to do. This […]

MIT blocking release of Aaron Swartz’s Secret Service files

Now, though, MIT has blocked a Freedom of Information Act suit by Wired’s Kevin Poulsen

New Indiana Law Makes It A Felony For Same-Sex Couples To Apply For A Marriage License

Indiana lawmakers have revamped a 1997 law that makes furnishing false information on a marriage

About Frackin’ Time: Someone’s suing over Happy Birthday’s copyright status.

Jennifer Nelson is my hero! The song “Happy Birthday to You” is widely credited for being

Publisher Threatens to Sue (Librarian) Blogger for $1-Billion

Jeffrey Beall is a metadata librarian at the University of Colorado at Denver, but he’s

Don’t ever speak to the FBI without a tape recorder running and a lawyer present

The message from Robel’s prosecution and Silverglate’s advice is clear: do not talk to the FBI without your lawyer present. If Harvey’s decades long experience is any indication, chances are that the agents will politely decline to interview you if you and your attorney insist on creating an accurate record of an FBI interrogation. I’d say this […]

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Justice O’Connor: Maybe Bush V. Gore Was A Mistake

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor says she has second thoughts on whether the Supreme Court

The false link between photography & terrorism

First watch this video: Then read this article: On the same day that federal investigators pleaded with the public for photos and videos that would help them identify the Boston Marathon bombers, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI released a memo stating the “discreet use of cameras or video recorders” could be interpreted as a sign that […]