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The Voyager Golden Record

Back in 1977 we sent the two Voyager probes out into the universe. Contained within

Friday Videos: Voyager

What if Voyager returned? Now get a copy of the original album…

The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

This excellent documentary is now available for purchase @ www.tdoslwh.com. And, thanks to my Kickstarter contribution,

Build Upons: Light Up Bricks

anonabox : a Tor hardware router

So what IS the anonabox? The anonabox is a networking device that provides anonymous Internet

LibraryBox 2.0 Kickstarter Project

Less than 24 hours in and Jason’s already more then 50% funded. You know you want one of these! Full details are available on the project’s Kickstarter page. Update: Four hours in and it’s 100% funded. Bring on the stretch goals!

Pebble first impressions

I don’t have much to say at this point as I’ve only been wearing it for three days, two of which I was sick. Add to that the fact that I’ve not worn a watch in something like twenty years so it just plain feels weird having something on my wrist. That’s my biggest impression […]

Track Kickstarter projects with Kicktraq

Wondering what the chances are that a particular Kickstarter project will be funded? Check out that and much more @ Kicktraq.com.