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Home library

For the past two weeks I’ve been setting up my home library. Not all the shelving is done at this point, but folks have been wanting more photos so here you go.

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More Shelves! An Office Makeover

It’s been done for a week or two but I wanted to clean up a

Kitchen Computer

Back in December Mary came to me and said “I want a computer in the

The living room PC is complete

Friday night, at 10:30pm of course, I decided to finally take the time to install

Home network update

First I’d like to thank all of those that assisted me in helping with my

Lovely Charts

I’ve been playing with Lovely Charts this morning. For those interested, here’s a network diagram

Of houses, taxes and congress

Yesterday I paid my taxes. Paid as in, I owed the feds $3050. This was

Sunsets in my back yard

I still can’t believe the sunsets that I get to watch out my back yard

I feel ethical again

Yes folks, the 6MB/sec DSL line is up and running and the (WPA secured) WiFi