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Say hello to my new laptop

New job, new laptop. (Well, I do have to give the State of Nebraska their laptop back…)  

Tuesday Tech Tip: Scan to Google Drive

Did you know that the Google Drive app has a scan feature? To start, open the app, click the add document button and then select scan. Take a photo of your document, crop, color correct, rename, and save. That’s it.  

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Google Panda

This makes me want to put my Amazon Echo into a panda outfit.

Tuesday Tech Tip: See revision history in Google Docs

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Friday Video: Fireside Chat with Eric Schmidt and Sal Khan

Khan Academy is changing the way we learn. Their latest experiment, LearnStorm, is piloting in the Bay Area with support from Google.org. Watch as Sal and Eric discuss LearnStorm, Khan Academy and the future of education. (Published on Feb 19, 2015)

Tuesday Tech Tip: Measuring distance in Google Maps

No, not directions, distance… Source: Free Technology for Teachers

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Google reverses recent “no porn” Blogger decision

Hello everyone, This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton


Google goes full prude when it comes to Blogger

In a sharp policy U-turn, Google is warning users of its Blogger platform that they

Friday Video: Lessons learned from the early days of Google

Matt Cutts describes lessons learned from the early days of Google in a January 2015 talk at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The slides are available at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13gDspOfYxB3z2_SIKne0zE2uc7dCLTffDkF9DEBTETw/edit#slide=id.p More info about the Toolsmith fund at http://cs.unc.edu/give/toolsmith-fund/ Watch other talks in this series at http://cs.unc.edu/50th/alumni-speaker-series/videos/

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