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Univeristy of Iowa Libraries to digitize 10,000 Science Fiction fanzines

The University of Iowa Libraries has announced a major digitization initiative, in partnership with the

Help the New York Times identify ads with thier Madison project

Help preserve history with just one click. The New York Times archives are full of advertisements

Libraries may digitize books without permission, EU top court rules

European libraries may digitize books and make them available at electronic reading points without first

The Smithsonian Wants You! (To Help Transcribe Its Collections)

Many myths surround the Smithsonian Institution’s archives—from legends of underground facilities hidden beneath the National

UK Digital Archive Access Fail

So, the Brits are creating a massive digital archive. Sure, you’ll be able to access it “online” but only from certain locations. “Its not a public archive. That’s the absolute key point,” said Angela Mills Wade, executive director of the European Publishers Council in response to reactions from some quarter of the digital archive being only […]

The New York Public Library Digitizes Over a Thousand Hours of Dance Videos from the Jerome Robbins Archive of the Recorded Moving Image

The New York Public Library announced today that over a thousand videos and recordings from the Jerome Robbins Dance Division’s Archive of the Recorded Moving Image have been digitized and are now managed through NYPL’s Digital Collections at digitalcollections.nypl.org/dancevideo. This web portal serves as a new delivery system for the Library’s digitized dance videos, and dramatically […]

Would you pay someone $1/100 pages to turn your books into PDFs?

Did I mention that the process will destroy the book and you don’t get the

Amateur Beats Gov’t at Digitizing Newspapers: Tom Tryniski’s Weird, Wonderful Website

One computer expert working alone has built a historic newspaper site (http://fultonhistory.com) that’s orders of