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Notes & doodles from #CILDC

Flickr user godaises attended Computers in Libraries this year and took some great notes. The best part is she posted all of them on Flickr? Why flickr? Well these aren’t your standard bullet-point-based notes. Thanks for sharing!

Adult show & tell

Overheard at conference: Daddy, why are they doing show and tell? A friend’s four-year-old daughter when peeking

Day 2 @ CIL

Yesterday was mostly an attendance day so I don’t have much in the way of stories other than to mention great lunch conversation over Greek food and dinner conversation over Ethiopian food. So, lacking a coherent narrative  I hereby provide you with links to sites that I’ll definitely be checking out post-conference. The list may seem a bit […]

Day one @ CIL

The first full day of the conference was amazing! It’s fully how you get on the phone to call home late at night and when asked how your day went, you start with “fine” and then 30 minutes later you haven’t stopped talking about all the things that happened to you during the day. Here […]

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Rudy rocks CIL

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Pre-conference day @ CIL

Yesterday wasn’t quite as long a day as the previous day but I’m still exhausted and my feet hurt. I’m going to get through this but boy do I need sleep. Yesterday morning was quiet and I got a lot of work done in the hotel lobby on their free WiFi. About 11am I left the […]

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Broadband for America event Wednesday morning

@pcsweeney Tweeted about this earlier today and I just sent in my RSVP. Wouldn’t it

A different CIL experiecne

This year, conference is going to be a little more interesting, and exhausting, than usual. But due to significant budget restrictions this year (both mine and ITI’s) I’m not staying at the conference hotel. Instead I’m staying 1.2 miles up the road at the Washington International Student Center. It’s a hostel. I’ve got a room […]

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Prepping for #CILDC part 2

Source: MyITForum.com

Prepping for #CILDC

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