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WATCH: “Princess Boy’s” mom speaks out for LGBT kids’ books

Peter from the National Coalition Against Censorship sez, “At a public hearing over whether or


Throwback Thursday: A very enlightening blog post

Generally Throwback Thursdays are to reminisce things that the blogger in question, me in this

UK porn filters block sex education websites

For those that keep insisting “filters are smarter than they used to be…” Among the sites TalkTalk blocked as “pornographic” was BishUK.com, an award-winning British sex education site, which receives more than a million visits each year. TalkTalk also lists Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre website as “pornographic.” The company also blocked a programme run by sex education experts, […]

New Zealand National Library pulls Allan More graphic novels

A graphic novel that depicts the sexual encounters of fairytale heroines has made history as the first book pulled from the New Zealand National Library catalogue for being too explicit. The book has never been classified by the censor and the decision of the library to self-censor has angered those who say libraries should be champions […]

Tuesday Tech Tip: Use Google as a Proxy Server to Bypass Filters & Paywalls

If you have trouble accessing a web page either because the website is blocked at

Elizabeth Warren’s Takedown Of CNBC Removed From YouTube

A viral clip of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) ripping into the hosts of CNBC’s “Squawk

Apple’s mobile devices have a secret list of “sensitive” words that don’t autocomplete

It’s stuff like this that makes me less and less likely to ever buy another Apple device. The Daily Beast investigated the autocomplete on Apple Ios devices (Iphones, Ipads, etc), and discovered that there was a long list of “sensitive” words that the devices have in their dictionary but would not autocomplete — you would have […]

New York Public Library Blocks The Pirate Bay

NYPL uses filters. Fine. I’m not going to have that argument. But it looks like

Federal judge: Public library cannot censor pagan websites

Funny how the library lost this case… Salem Library Director Glenda Wofford told Hunter the websites

Dealing with access problems in schools

The Free Technology for Teachers blog has a great story about filters blocking social services