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BCR 2.0

BCR (MPOW) launched its new Web site this morning and the recently launched BCReview is

My Busy Day

Backroom Disaster (3) Originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian. Yesterday I decided to take a day off

Systems/Network Administrator Position

BCR (MPOW) is looking for a Systems/Network Administrator. The pay is good and no travel

What Can U Plug Into a USB?

What Can U Plug Into a USB? Originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian. This past week in

Just call me Sparky

As I write this I’m sitting in seat 10C on a United flight from Reno,

RLG membership approves move to combine with OCLC

On Friday, June 9, OCLC and RLG announced that RLG member institutions have approved a

Internet Librarian 2006

The official information about the conference is now available on the InfoToday site. Here’s what

MPOW Hires New Executive Director

On behalf of the BCR Board of Trustees, I am very pleased to announce Brenda

Found RSS Feeds

I started another series of online RSS workshops today and the first homework assignment is

Second Life at Internet Librarian

In a last-minute squeak-through I, Lori Bell, and Tom Peters will be presenting on the