December 19th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

The Library Success Wiki has a Library Website Hall of Fame section. Two BCR region libraries, Denver Public and BYU, have made the list. None from Nebraska though. I’ll put that on my to do list.
Thanks Rosario

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December 8th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

I’m in the Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids, IA) using the free WiFi to get caught up from this four day trip to Iowa City, IA for two days of BCR workshops and an afternoon speaking to the staff of the Iowa City Public Library about the Social Web as part of their in-service day. Today went well and everyone enjoyed it including myself. The previous two days however, if it could go wrong it did. Cases in point:

  • For the blogs class, Blogger finally decided to send everyone creating a new blog to the beta version. This meant that many of my handouts didn’t match what they were looking at on the screen, didn’t match the screen I was projecting and there were new/changed features that I wasn’t prepared to discuss.
  • In the RSS workshop, FeedXS finally convinced me that it’s useless for class purposes and I was pretty much forced to just tell everyone to skip it and ignore that part of the handouts.
  • I taught my podcasting class for the first time and, instead of ending up with a short list of things to tweak for the next time out, I need to redo about 50% of the workshop and change the focus for the second half of the class. And, the BCR FTP server decided that it kept wanting to drop my connection so I couldn’t upload the students’ MP3 files to the server to get to work with the software I was trying to teach them.
  • During the wiki class I instructed all eleven students on how to create a Wikipedia account, something I’ve done many other times. This time, six of them were able to create accounts while the other five got error messages informing them that six accounts had already been created from that IP address and no other new accounts would be allowed for 24 hours. Turns out that to the outside world all of ICPL’s computers are represented by one IP address. Great for the network architecture and for security reasons but it causes problems with Wikipedia’s security. A good portion of the class was from that point on a demo instead of hands on.

Needless to say it’s been a long week and I need a few solid nights of sleep before getting back to the office on Monday and updating the material for those classes before teaching them again in January.

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December 5th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

Happy Go Lucky 269
Originally uploaded by Repoort.

BCR and I have worked out that my last day both in the office and on the payroll will be February 15, 2007. This blog and my e-mail address will continue to work after that date for anyone wishing to contact me.

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November 21st, 2006 by Michael Sauers

As you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much for the past week and what I have posted has been of little consequence. Well, that’s because things are changing in my life that are taking up a lot of my time right now…


I am happy to announce that one week ago yesterday, I officially accepted an offer from the Nebraska Library Commission to be their Technology Innovation Librarian starting 1 March 2007. This means that I will be finishing up a 9.5 year run at BCR in mid-February and moving to Lincoln, NE.

This all that The Travelin’ Librarian will continue to travel just not as much, not as far, and mostly by state car instead of United Airlines. (So much for earning premier status…) I still plan on presenting at conferences and, as I understand it, will not be prohibited from accepting other speaking requests outside of Nebraska. (Normal scheduling issues still apply.)

I accepted the position for several reasons. First, the lower amount of travel. Yes, I enjoy traveling but after more than nine years it does start to take its toll. Second, I’m feeling a bit stretched thin with having to cover an eleven-state region. Believe me, I love having worked with all of you in the BCR region but focusing on just one state allows me to work more closely with libraries on special projects and to focus my efforts. Third, there’s nothing more Library 2.0 than having the title “Technology Innovation Librarian”.

So, please bear with me over the next three months as I blog about movers, packing, and getting my house sold. I’ll try to keep up the tech and library posts as much as I can but some of that may have to be put on the back-burner for a little while.

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November 11th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

Heather Clark, BCR

  • How technology is changing how we understand information and in the economy
  • Book by Chris Anderson, Editor in chief of Wired magazine
  • How does this apply to the library world
  • Web 2.0
    • move from retreival to interaction on the Web
  • Original article in 2004
    • why the futurs of business is selling less of more
    • theory of change in economics
    • paradigm shift regarding hits and misses
  • The Long Tail
    • [long tail graphic from]
    • the low sellers in total outsell the total of big sellers
    • brick & mortar, focuses on the head, selling many of a few items
    • amazon focuses on the long tail as the space requirements are lower
    • Comp tech is causing a move away form hits to niche markets
    • counter to the 80/20 principle
  • Long Tail Themes
    • Niche markets
    • Disaggregation of content
      • smaller bits
      • new revenue streams
    • Tyranny of Geography
      • marketing
      • shelf space
  • Long Tail Principles
    • Democratize production
      • new tools
      • new producers
      • increases amount of content/product
      • motivation is not necesarily monetary
        • “exposure culture”
    • Democratize distribution
      • amatures can produce and distribute
      • aggregators as warehouses
      • Internet is central distribution center
      • examples
        • eBay
        • YouTube
        • Tecnorati
    • Connect supply and demand
      • connect supply and demand
        • social sharing of information
        • the hyperlink phenomenon
      • filters
        • search engines
        • social services
          • Google page rank
          • Amazon recommender services
          • NetFlix user reviews
  • Libraries have lost the battle when it comes to the distribution principle
  • Libraries need to be the connectors
  • Long Tail Assumptions
    • Ubiquitous computing
      • not everyone has access
      • not everyone knows how to use ths access
    • Entertainment-centric model
      • people will purchase w/o tactile input
    • Low costs of networking
      • storage
      • intensive bandwidth
      • system maintenance
      • “infinite shelf space”
  • Positives
    • richer culture
    • “pull together parallel tribes”
    • easier for artisan & global producers to market their goods
  • Negatives
    • eroding local culture
    • loss of shared culture
    • archive for future
    • physical items still need shelf space somewhere
    • truly profitable?
  • Libraries are the long tail!
  • Long Tail & Libraries: Currently
    • collections
      • robust & rich
    • reader’s advisory and reference services
      • original recommender sevice
      • no matter the format
    • built-in fodder for filters
      • MARC record
      • obsolete outside the library world
    • physical serendipity
  • Long Tail & LIbraries: Needs Improvement
    • making discovery happen readily
      • improving OPAC search functions
      • link to local
    • expediting delivery
      • NetFlix model?
      • rethinking resource sharing group
      • Find it / Get it browser plugin
    • Reader’s advisory
      • recommender services to patrons
      • blogs
      • patron reviews in OPACS
    • copyright implications
  • Conclusions
    • will it change the economic world as we know it?
      • not dramatically in her opinion
    • what about libraries?
      • how well do you know your community?
      • what can a small library serving a small population can gain from this?
        • put up a wiki for a local group then let them add content
      • academic
        • get your local info to your students
        • blackboard
        • MySpace & Facebook
    • Your environment should guide your application of these concepts

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November 9th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

Friday and Saturday I’ll be attending the Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) 2006 conference here in Denver, CO. I’ll be of course posting to my blog about it as much as I can. Additionally:

  • I will be presenting my Tech Terms session on Saturday @ 2pm. At this point I don’t know what room I’ll be presenting in. (Heather Clark of BCR and Steve Lawson of Colorado College will be performing a special introduction to my presentation. This is something you’re not going to want to miss.)
  • My latest book Blogging and RSS: A Librarian’s Guide will be available for purchase at the BCR booth at a conference discounted price of only $24.00. (Cash and checks only.)
  • At 3pm on Saturday during the ice cream social I will be signing my book at the BCR booth.
  • At CAL’s request I’ve set up a conference wiki on which will be posted conference updates and session reviews during the conference. Be sure to check it out if you’re not attending the conference.
  • Yesterday I worked with the folks running the conference to standardize on the tag “cal2006” when it comes to posting flickr photos and blogging. So, if you’re looking for photos or other just search on that tag.

I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone at the conference so be sure to find me and say hi.

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October 31st, 2006 by Michael Sauers

They’re popping up all over
Originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian.

These just appeared yesterday down the street from the BCR offices.

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October 5th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

I’m in Moscow, ID for the 2006 Idaho Library Association Conference. I’m here to present my Firefox Search Plugins and Tech Terms sessions and to man the BCR booth. I’ll blog more as things happen but know that you can keep an eye on the flickr set that I’ll be adding to over the next two days.

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September 27th, 2006 by Michael Sauers

I’ll be at the Idaho Library Association Annual Conference next week. Details can be found in the BCReview Newsletter.

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September 22nd, 2006 by Michael Sauers
  • October 4-8: Idaho Library Association, Moscow, ID
    • Tech Terms
    • Firefox Search Plugins
  • October 21-26: Internet Librarian 2006, Monterey, CA
    • 22: Integrating RSS Into Your Web Site (Pre-Conference)
    • 23: The Second Life Library 2.0: Going Where the Users Are
    • 24: Flickr & Libraries
    • 25: Book Signing (Information Today, Inc. booth)
  • November 9-12: Colorado Association of Libraries, Denver, CO
    • 11: Tech Terms
  • November 13-15: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Law Library, Las Vegas, NV
    • 14: Web Page Creation Basics (XHTML)
    • 15: Introduction to CSS
  • November 26-December 1: Nevada State Library Gates Workshops
    • 27: Computer Security (Salt Lake City)
    • 27: Setting up a WiFi Netowrk (Salt Lake City)
    • 28: Technical Support in Your Library (Salt Lake City)
    • 30: Computer Security (Moab)
    • 30: Setting up a WiFi Netowrk (Moab)
    • 01: Technical Support in Your Library (Moab)
  • December 5-8: Iowa City Public Library
    • 6: Blogs (BCR Workshop)
    • 6: RSS (BCR Workshop)
    • 7: Podcasting 101 (BCR Workshop)
    • 7: Wikis (BCR Workshop)
    • 8: The Social Web (Staff in-service day)

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