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Hyperland is a 50-minute long documentary film about hypertext and surrounding technologies. It was written by Douglas Adams and produced and directed by Max Whitby for BBC Two in 1990. It stars Douglas Adams as a computer user and Tom Baker, with whom Adams had already worked on Doctor Who, as a personification of a software agent. /via Wikipedia

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Neil Gaiman talks to Mariella Frostrup about his hugely popular Science fiction/ fantasy works for both adults and children alike and why he continues to be inspired by the thing lurking just out of sight in the shadows.

Neil Gaiman BBC Radio 4

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June 14th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Doctor Who and the Grandfather Paradox

I don’t generally post rumors but this would certainly be amazing if true.

What I’ve been hearing, and some of it is attributed to an eccentric engineer who worked for broadcasters across Africa with a taste for science fiction and a habit of taking things for “safe keeping”, is that the BBC have secured a large number of presumed-wiped episodes of early Doctor Who.

And there are lots. Lots and lots. Completed serials that we’ve only had incomplete before, full series that nothing existed of. Not everything. But heaps and heaps. Possibly even The Full Hartnell.

And come November, or before, we’ll get to see them.

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