There’s nothing like telling the future of last year Check out the advertisement near the

The beeb online According to this Slate article the BBC is looking to put it’s

More on the partiot act Should you be scared of the Patriot Act? Read this

More on 9/11 Here’s an interesting and enlightening article on the six biggest myths of 9/11.

Digital first-sale rights This article on the resale of an iTues song is interesting in

Bush/Cheney 2004 bumper stickers [thanks Louise]With the presidential election wind-up already in full swing, the

This blog to go pro It seems that since Google now owns (host of

Presenting Tomorrow night I’m giving a presentation at the Aurora Public Library titled “The Art

Dean koontz book additions Since I’ve not yet heard back from my publisher, items continue

Finally For those of you keeping track, I finally closed on my ReFi Monday night.