Finally For those of you keeping track, I finally closed on my ReFi Monday night.

RIAA settles This morning the RIAA settled the first of their 261 recent lawsuits agains

New find & new item The new paperback printing of Lightning came out today. It

Not new but definitely improved I’ve reformatted the online version of my recent RSS article.

Remembering 9.11 Some libraries are pledging to stay open for 24 hours on September 11th.

Author photo This evening I heard Marisol speak. A photo can be found on my

Koontz book status & new item I’m waiting to hear back from Rich at Cemetery

Time travel spam has the story behind the spam looking for a warp generator

GeoCaching Due to Annie having her right (it’s on the left when I’m looking at

And scanning… no, wait, i’m done! Except for a few odds-n-ends that may appear in